Giving people on the margins of the labour market the opportunity to reach their full potential, and helping farmers who depend on land that offers low yield make a better living. That is what the Anton Jurgens Fonds stands for in the Netherlands and West Africa, respectively.

We work with organisations and social enterprises that have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. With their pioneering mindset and personal commitment, they sustainably improve the lives of people in vulnerable situations and have a lasting positive impact.

Lasting positive impact

A good harvest is a vital first step for farmers. But if they cannot store their produce or do not have access to markets, they will still lose money. And for a person on the margins of the labour market, finding a job is a great starting point – but they must also be able to keep it and grow on a professional and personal level.

Achieving sustainable change is a challenging and time-consuming process. But it’s the only way to have a lasting positive impact. It’s the only way to help people escape vulnerable situations.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our goal is to have a lasting positive impact. We believe initiatives with a strong entrepreneurial spirit can help us achieve this. Their dynamism translates into resilience and adaptability and the ability to generate income themselves in the long run.

It means that, over time, the initiatives we support will become less dependent on us and other partners. They will eventually be able to stand on their own two feet and move forward without us – allowing us to support new initiatives.

Featured initiatives

They make a positive impact. We help them achieve and amplify that impact. 

In the Netherlands, we focus on improving the employment prospects of vulnerable people, while in West Africa, we are working to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Our focus

We focus on initiatives that make a measurable contribution to well-being, income security, personal development and autonomy in the medium term.

A fair chance to participate in society in the Netherlands

People in vulnerable situations can thrive in a safe and supportive working environment that focuses on their strengths. We help give them the opportunity to develop both socially and economically, thereby improving their chances of participating fully in society.

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Improving farmers’ livelihoods in West Africa

We use an integrated approach in West Africa to stimulate more productive agriculture, encourage entrepreneurship and strengthen local organisational structures. We help farmers put food on the table in the short run and generate more income in the long run.

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