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Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Project meta data

  • Theme

    Employment prospects improvement
  • Our role

    • Performance-based loan, loan and grant

    • Advice on governance structure

    • Group training from leadership and impact measurement experts

  • Period

    5 years
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Rabauw is a Dutch craft brewery that employs young people with a history of mental healthcare use and other vulnerable persons. Founded in 2017 by two social entrepreneurs, Gijs and Rik, Rabauw offers various sheltered, supported employment opportunities. Employees are encouraged to work towards their own goals at their own pace, regardless of their specific needs. Originally established in the North Brabant town of Gemert, the company later moved to Eindhoven with the arrival of third co-owner, Ad. The brewery in Gemert has since been converted into a beer shop and brewery lab with an adjacent pub.