Restaurant De Kapel

Work training company in hospitality


Young people, who leave school without an entry-level qualification for paid work, have great difficulty in finding a place in the regular labour market. As a result, their talents are not always employed and they do not fully participate in society. The Dutch government wants to drastically reduce the number of 18-25 year olds without entry-level qualifications, to a maximum of 8% in 2020.
13 years ago, restaurant BuitenGewoon ('extraordinary') was established in the city center of Oss. This restaurant employs several young people, who are far removed from the job market. However, the demand for on-the-job training placements, as well as for more intensive coaching, exceeds what can be offered in this restaurant. 


The entrepreneurs of BuitenGewoon have established a second venue, in the chapel of the former Sint Anna / Bernhoven hospital. This restaurant – De Kapel, or The Chapel – is a work training company, where young people work on obtaining an entry-level qualification for the labour market, in a professional setting. A shop for local products will also be established in the chapel. This will be run by pupils as well. 


Young people are offered a two-year training under the supervision of instructors/mentors and a job coach, focusing on empowerment, self-confidence and workers' skills. Goal, after these two years, is to have at least 65% of the participants move on to further education or to paid work with other restaurants and companies. 

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