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Innovative technology to improve the lives of rural women


In rural areas in Indonesia, women who live below the poverty line spend a major part of their time fetching clean drinking water and preparing food. Little time is left for income generating activities. Moreover, the costs of acquiring light and safe drinking water are very high; the women need to spend up to 75% of their income (US$ 2 per day) on energy, necessary for clean water, light and cooking. There are many useful, innovative technological devices to be found on the market, which can offer an easy solution to these problems. However, most companies don’t see a healthy revenue model in making these products available in remote areas, because the transaction costs are simply too high.


Ivy makes these technological devices available for rural women, through hire purchase (repayment in instalments). For example, a water filter is repaid in on average 3 months, a solar lamp in 3 to 6 months and a biomass stove in approximately 12 months. Once the loan is repaid, the end user has full ownership of the device. The cost savings achieved by the device, directly result in a higher disposable income. The delivery of the products includes training of the women regarding (renewable) natural resources, technology and self-reliance. Ivy’s ambition is to have reached 10 million women and their families by 2030.


The use of smart and clean technology results in savings in time and a decrease of the daily family costs for energy. Productivity goes up, hygiene (health) improves and environmental impact reduces. The use of the devices makes life easier, more affordable and healthier. In addition, income improvement brings better education and health care within reach, which helps to raise life expectancy. Indirectly, the project also contributes to a better access to finance, which is another common problem in rural areas.  The credit system results in better creditworthiness and more favourable lending conditions for the women. An increase in sales of the products directly means an increase in the number of women who can be helped next. The higher the turnover, the bigger the impact.



Ivy Company
Angelique Timmer/Eveline Bruggink-Beek


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2016 – 2021 



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