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Work-oriented reintegration for people with poor prospects on the job market - Nijmegen


In the Netherlands, there are more than 600,000 people who are unemployed and more than 300,000 people who receive social benefits (CBS, June 2013). A proportion of these people have such poor prospects of finding a job that they need supervision before they can successfully re-enter the job market. Chain Logistics offers them this supervision in the form of a work-oriented reintegration process.


Social entrepreneur, Rob Jansen, from the logistics and assembly company Chain Logistics in Uden, has for a long time worked in his company with people who have poor prospects on the job market. The company’s work activities are focused on logistics and assembly, but people are also deployed in the broader-based activities within the company, such as bookkeeping, security and reception. For several years he has also supervised people – young and old, with or without training, with or without past work experience – with entering the regular job market. In 2013, Chain Logistics opened a location in Nijmegen. 


The social objective of the logistics centre in Nijmegen is to give people with poor prospects on the job market a reintegration position. On the job and in a 'real' work environment, they are supervised in obtaining social skills and work skills so that they can then move on to a regular job. 


Project Initiators

Rob Jansen


Labour Participation

Type of Support

Performance-based loan


2013 – 2018


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