Criteria for cooperation

The Anton Jurgens Fonds adheres to a contemporary interpretation of the values that characterised the work method of its founder Anton Jurgens in his day: entrepreneurship, social commitment and an open view of life. In addition to the geographic and thematic conditions of the project initiative, the AJF tests applications explicitly on the following investment criteria: 

  1. social entrepreneurship – the combination of financial and social added value
  2. (financial) sustainability – the pursuit of a permanent positive impact 
  3. personal initiative and personal commitment – to engender self-sufficiency and autonomy
  4. prevention – a structured approach to tackling social problems at an early stage
  5. social involvement – the creation of inspiring examples
  6. searching for meaning – creating awareness of the ‘why’ of our human actions and existence

Exclusion criteria

The following subjects fall outside the focus of the AJF: 

  • environmental and green projects
  • initiatives promoting animal welfare
  • art and cultural projects
  • social care farms
  • hospices
  • refugee work
  • initiatives with an explicit religious or political goal
  • restoration of monuments/listed buildings
  • scientific research
  • congresses and study trips
  • individual persons and/or objectives
  • initiatives for refugees without a residence permit

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